March 01, 2024

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Church History

There was a church called the Presbyterian Church of the Siuslaw which was organized in 1889 and dedicated in 1892. The founding pastor was the Rev. Albert Robinson. Sometime between 1920-1926, the membership dropped and the building fell into disrepair. The building, which was located at the site of the present Florence City Hall, was burned and dismantled. The church bell was given to the school system. From 1926 to 1981 there was no Presbyterian presence in Florence.


In July 1981 an organizational meeting was held to start a new Presbyterian church. This meeting consisted of eleven participants and found pastor the Rev. Dr. William H. Bos. After considering several locations that might be suitable, Lane Community College was chosen.


Thirty-one persons attended the first worship service on August 16, 1981. The congregation operated as a branch of the United Presbyterian Church in Reedsport. The church was then named Florence Community Church, United Presbyterian.

In April 15, 1984 the church received its charter from the Presbytery of the Cascades with sixty-one charter members. At that time the name of the church was formally changed to the Presbyterian Church of the Siuslaw. The church facility at its present location was completed and dedicated in September 1986. The new sanctuary and expanded facilities were dedicated in March 1995. The last mortgage payment was made in March 2007 and a mortgage burning was held in June 2007.

Our church has been served by a number of pastors:

Rev. Dr. William H. Bos (founding pastor)        1981-1985
Rev. Richard K. Smith                                       1985-1987
Rev. William C. Koch                                         1987-1996
Rev. Beverly J. Crow (interim)                           1997-1998
Rev. Dr. Michael Moxness                                 1998-2004
Rev. Susan Goddin (interim)                             2004-2005
Rev. Dr. C. Montee Kennedy                             2005-June 2013

Rev. Steve Knowles (interim)                             Sept. 2013-Aug. 2015

Rev. Greg Wood                                                Sept. 15, 2015+

Pastors Bos and Smith were named Pastors Emeriti during the congregation’s fifth anniversary celebration in April 1989.

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